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Year 2011

Getting Started as a Singapore Startup
1st Prize Champion in 3D FaceApp Competiiton Organised by A*STAR
Nov 1st 2011

We won the 1st prize award, beating competitors from different organisations and schools, and this give us an indication that we have something worthwhile to pursue.

Exhibition at Media Exploits Forum 2011
Organised by A*STAR
Nov 1st 2011

Our 1st exhibition as a startup. This event holds incredible importance in our memories. Here, we get to meet Mr Simon Lee, our Hair Industry Advisor. 

Utilize SPRING Innovation Voucher Scheme (IVS) for technical assistance and consultancy from A*STAR Institute of Infocomm and Research
Sep 2011

We managed to ask Dr Ong Ee Ping to teach us more about Technology. We are like any other fresh graduates who knows little about the state-of-art of technology, He also became our Technology advisor after that! 

Incubated by SMU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship inside SMU Business Innovation Generation
Aug 2011

We got a incubation space over at SMU. Our 1st formal office space to hold proper meetings and discussions.


We used to have all the meetings inside SMU seminars rooms and group study rooms.

Featured in SPRINGnews 2011
Jun 2011

We got featured in SPRINGnews for our entrepreneurial spirit.  Well, just like any other aspring entrepreneurs, we went to EDC@SMa to look for advice.

Founder's Graduation
May 2011

Our official graduation is in July. But yes, we have completed our degree courses. It's time for the real world.

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