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Year 2017

Growth Growth Growth

WSG Adapt and Grow Seminars
Dec 11th 2017
We are the moderator for the panel discussion
Microcut Salon Marketing Innovation Showcase 2017 : A project collaboration with ITE, Northeast CDC and ASME@SME Centre
Dec 7th 2017
IPValue Lab releases the video "Gamurai: Partnering for Commercial Advantage on youtube".
Nov 27th 2017
This is about Gamurai leveraging on IP and our collaboration with A*STAR
IMDA showcases H'airt Salon in "Traditional Businesses Go Digital video
Nov 2nd 2017
JTC invited us to exhibit at their annual JTC Customer's Night 2017
Oct 17th 2017
Hairdressing Goes Digital Photo Album
Sep 14th 2017
Hair and Cosmetology Association Singapore posted our event Hairdressing Goes Digital on their facebook page and website
Sep 14th 2017
A*STAR TV got a short coverage of us exhibiting in Media Exploits Forums as part of their 2017 Leaders in Science Forum video on youtube.
Sep 3rd 2017
IPValue Lab did a case study on Gamurai
Aug 2017
Partnering for Commercial Advantage
Digital News Asia : SMEs digitisation drive vital to Singapore's Growth
Aug 29th 2017
MaxxMedia, FxMedia, Gamurai & Samsung participated in Media Exploits Forum 2017
Aug 18th 2017
sg.sme: 王瑞杰: 中小企研发投资 每年增长7%
Aug 17th 2017 王瑞杰: 中小企研发投资 每年增长7%
Aug 17th 2017
Business Times: Startups get a filip at One North Festival
Aug 17th 2017
The New Paper Business: More SMEs investing in research and Development
Aug 17th 2017
Finance Minister Heng posted the photos on Facebook sharing about "VEON Internet of Screens"
Aug 17th 2017
A*STAR Media Exploits posted the photos on Facebook of us sharing with Finance Minister Heng about "VEON Internet of Screens"
Aug 16th 2017
A*STAR posted the photos of us on Facebook sharing about our latest project "VEON Internet of Screens" to Finance Minister Heng
Aug 16th 2017
IMDA: Pushing SMEs ahead towards a digital future
Aug 11th 2017
The independent coverage " Singapore Govt to help more SMEs Go digital with ne w tech hub" has a quote from Gamurai
July 21st 2017
e27 coverage" Singapore Govt to help more SMEs Go Digital with new tech hub"
has a quote from Gamurai
July 21st 2017
Gamurai listed as a SME Go Digital technology vendor by IMDA at the 2nd Industry briefing Session 
July 21st 2017
May 22nd 2017
A*STAR ETPL and Shanghai iSPACE Asia Pacific Innovations brought us to Shanghai and Suzhou to explore market opportunity
May 14th to May 20th 2017
Sohu has mention about Gamurai in Shanghai
May 16th 2017
Our client Hairstylist from Microcut Salon and Annie Unisex Salon was featured on zaobao
Apr 5th 2017
林瑞生: 本地女性就业率10年增9个百分点
Global Talent Insights Industry Talk with NUS AIESEC
Mar 18th 2017
We shared our experience as an Entrepreneurs and debunk some of the myths about being an entrepreneurs
Startup Walkabout 2017 organised by NUS Entrepreneurship Society
Jan 4th 2017
We did some sharing of our experience, and somehow ignited the audience to join in the fun of pitching.
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