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Year 2019

We are venturing oversea in China

Heartware network featured us on their website.
Nov 14th 2019
The Path to Success for Youth Entrepreneurs in Singapore
Nov 13th 2019
Nov 8th 2019
活动现场,举办了中新企业重点项目签约仪式,云空间、Gamurai Pte Ltd和火凤凰服务签约,共建湖北省与新加坡针对中小微企业的云软件科技开发及推广平台。
​海创云featured us on their website
Nov 7th 2019
活动现场,举办了中新企业重点项目签约仪式,云空间、Gamurai Pte Ltd和火凤凰服务签约,共建湖北省与新加坡针对中小微企业的云软件科技开发及推广平台
UBE featured us on their facebook page
Sep 27th 2019

UBE Hosted a group from NTU's Nanyang Technopreneurship Center yesterday with 2 prolific speakers - Tuan from #Agegracefully and Sze Ming from #Gamurai!
ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival 2019 - Woo Sze Ming : Traditional Hairdressing Goes Digital
Sep 15th 2019
Hear from 36 international speakers on subjects that is most relevant to young leaders today
Singapore Business Federation had a mentioned about us on their Facebook page on AYEC 2019.
Sep 6th 2019
Representing the Singapore business community were Ms Nicole Singh, Managing Director of Killem Pest, Mr Theodore Khng, Director of Theo10, and Mr Woo Sze Meng, Founder of Gamurai.
Sep 1th 2019
We won 3rd Prize in the 2019 Smart China Cup : A Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on Big Data and Smart Technology
Aug 29th 2019
We are featured in ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival 2019 facebook page
Aug 13th 2019
Gamurai is a Software-as-a-service technology enabler company
NUS Enteprise Blk71 feature us on their facebook page
Jun  20th 2019
Faces from the 'BLOCK: Meet Sze Ming from Gamurai Tech.
NUS Enteprise Blk71 did a community story feature on us.
Jun  20th 2019
In this week’s Community Feature, we speak to Woo Sze Ming, the CEO and Founder of Gamurai Tech, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Technology Enabler company that strives to help SMEs go digital.
Our EDG Application: Piloting Project and Testbedding (Wuhan) has been approved by Enterprise Singapore
Jun 11th 2019
Gamurai participates in A*STAR Partners Trip organised by A*STAR and ESG
Jan 13th-18th 2019
We get to have a good understanding of SIP, the policies and framework administered in Suzhou. we got to visit 邻里中心, had a discussion with 5 salons, and visited 3 salons premises to understand their business and the state of technology they currently have.
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